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The Old Songs Podcast: A Full List of Episodes

The Old Songs Podcast was launched in January, 2020. Each episode looks at a traditional song (or song deeply related to traditional music) and dissects it in geek-level detail. It is hosted by traditional folk singer, researcher and writer, Jon Wilks, in conversation with well-known and much-loved singers who have a particular attachment to the specific song in discussion.

Here’s a list of everyone who has been on the Old Songs Podcast so far. Clicking on each title below will take you to the song page, where you can listen in full.

If you’d like to support the creation of The Old Songs Podcast, please consider subscribing via Jon’s Bandcamp page:

A list of The Old Songs Podcast episodes

Ep1: ‘Henry Martin / Lofty Tall Ship’ Ft. Nick Hart

Ep2: ‘Tam Lin’ ft. Jim Moray

Ep3: ‘On Humber Bank’ ft. Ben Walker

Ep4: ‘The Sweet Nightingale’ ft. Jackie Oates

Ep5: ‘An Acre of Land’ ft. Paul Sartin

Ep6: ‘Hard Times of Old England’ ft. Billy Bragg

Ep7: ‘Dives and Lazarus’ ft. Nick Hart

Ep8: ‘Hal-An-Tow’ ft. Lisa Knapp

Ep9: ‘Myn Mair’ and a Brief Introduction to Welsh Traditional Music, ft. Owen Shiers (Cynefin)

Ep10: ‘The Leaving Of Liverpool’, ft. Jim Moray

Ep11: ‘Lord Gregory’, ft. Burd Ellen

Ep12: ‘Banks of Green Willow’, ft. Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne

Ep13: ‘The Cruel Mother’, ft. Rosie Hood

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