Holly Ho [Roud 1407] – The Story of a Song

Part of the fascination I have for traditional folk songs is the way in which they humble the singer. As a singer/songwriter, I spent years thinking about the ways in which a song represents the self – a snapshot or meditation on the writer in that moment. What grabbed me about traditional song was how much […]


A new EP for summer

In time for my two gigs at Sidmouth Folk Festival this summer, I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll be putting out a digi-EP on July 26th. The Trial of Bill Burn Under Martin’s Act will include four tracks, one of which features the wonderful talents of my good friends Nick Hart (melodeon) and Mikey Kenney (fiddle). Subscribers to my mailing list […]


Review of Jon’s Birmingham gig

On June 9th, I took the Midlife songs back to Brum. Performing at Kitchen Garden Cafe, I was delighted to see folk writer and presenter, Mike Davies, in the audience. He subsequently sent me the following review. Thanks, Mike! ‘Wilks is the sort of performer folk circles mean when they talk of the living tradition’ […]


Rachael McShane: The Grizzly Folk interview

Rachael McShane was the only female member of folk phenomenon, Bellowhead. You probably knew that. If you never saw Bellowhead live or on the TV, you’d have been able to find that much out from the internet. It’s probably why you’re here, reading this article. “Rachael McShane”, you’ll have thought. “She was in Bellowhead. I’ll […]