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Category: The Grizzly Folk

Who are The Grizzly Folk?

The Grizzly Folk (band) began in 2008 in Fukuoka, Japan, when Jon Wilks and Jon Nice were introduced to each other at a Nanbanjin gig. Looking for a project to work on together, they began by busking old English folk songs, before branching out into recording their own original music. To date, they’ve recorded around 7 or 8 EPs and albums… they think. But who’s counting?

What was The Grizzly Folk blog?

In 2016, Jon Wilks began writing a blog about traditional folk music. As The Grizzly Folk (band) was inactive at the time, he used the band website as a hosting page for the blog. When the band started up again, that became confusing. All the blog posts, interviews and articles from that project are now archived on this page.

Who has been a member of The Grizzly Folk?

Along the way, Jon Nice & Jon Wilks have recorded with Dai Evans (Nanbanjin), Emma Kuntze, Kanako, Dave Borgeson (Cut Flowers), Rich Lines, Stephen Field and Ricky Banks.

Wassailing: everything you wanted to know but never thought to ask

Not enough wassailing is done in this day and age, in my opinion. It’s a lost talent, overdue a comeback, and this year I intend to get right back into it. There’s no time to lose, either – wassailing is best enjoyed over the festive season, and come late January, wassailing is rarely found for neither love nor money.