Nick Drake’s Northern Sky – Katherine Priddy, Jon Wilks, Lukas Drinkwater & Jon Nice

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Here’s a cover of “Northern Sky” by Nick Drake, featuring Katherine Priddy on vocals, Jon Wilks (me!) on guitar, Lukas Drinkwater on double bass, Jon Nice of The Grizzly Folk on keyboards, and Knees Thompson on percussion.

We hope it brings you some quiet peace and joy.

The recording came about because Katherine and Jon Wilks, while never having met in person, realised they both come from within a few miles of Nick Drake’s Tanworth-in-Arden home. Wanting to put together a digital collaboration, they called up a few Nick-loving fans, and… well… here’s what they came up with.

The good news is that, since this reached 12,000 viewers in its first day of publishing, we’ve decided to release it as a single (watch this space) and create a further few Nick Drake songs as a covers album. No date on that yet. It’ll just have to happen at some point during this lockdown period.

To find out more about the artists involved…

Katherine’s website:
Lukas’s website:
Jon Wilks’s website:
The Grizzly Folk on Spotify:

Nick Drake’s website:

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